Mass marketing died quite some time ago.  The move toward personalized marketing is firmly entrenched in the world of business.  The amount of customer data available, combined with digital technology, allows for very detailed targeting.

The demographic and psychographics of a specific target audience will influence marketing mix decisions.  Your target audience will affect the price you charge for a product or service.  Distribution varies depending on the particular buying habits and character traits of your customers.  Decisions relating to where and how you promote your brand will change based upon your potential buyer.  Even the specific product attributes, or those you choose to emphasize, will vary based on your personas.

Marketing Gets Personal provides the traits and insights regarding six different families and two other individuals. These are to be used as the focus for making marketing mix decisions.  Also, while you may use actual products, you have access to Brands4You, which features several fictitious products.

All assignments are located on the Assignment tab.

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