Marketing Gets Social

Marketing Gets Social introduces your students to the business side of social media.  They already know how to share, like, and tweet.  They probably have no idea how businesses use these social media tools to their advantage.


The WebBook covers all the major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. The “and more” is important as we continually add new social media developments to the WebBook (including Periscope, SnapChat, Vine and who knows what’s next!)


Social Media changes daily.  While no resource can be totally up-to-date, we work hard so we can share recent developments.  Many of the changes are added to the book, but the timeliest items are found in the companion blog.


For each social media platform we cover:

  • How it is used in and by business

  • Proof it works (case studies and examples)

  • Tools and apps to make it easier and more efficient



There are also sections on what to post, when to post, where to post, why you should post.  And finally, a section on measuring the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts helps determine the ROI.


This industry changes so often that we do not include any tests or quizzes.  Also, we believe the best way to see if students understand the principles is to have them demonstrate they can create marketing materials using the various platforms.


There are several assignments and activities linked on the initial page of each platform, and more are added throughout the year.  You can use some, all or none of them.  It’s your call.


The focus of this course should be doing, not reading about The assignments and activities are the most critical component of a successful social media marketing course.

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