Sports . . . 

More Than Just the Score

Having taught sports marketing since the early 90's I think I am beginning to get the hang of it. This is the 5thh edition of the softcover book I wrote back in 2000.  The updates have turned this into a WebBook with a variety of features including:


  • Two major sections: Marketing Through Sports and Marketing Of Sports 

  • The Sports Marketing Playbook

  • Social Media in Sports

  • Sports Biz Blog feed

  • Twitter feed for sports business

  • Samples of agreements, proposals, marketing plans and more

  • Best Practices

  • Would You Rather scenarios

  • PowerPoint Decks (Fall of 2016 updates)

  • The Sports Marketing Minute

  • Review Questions

  • A growing assortment of worksheets and activities

  • Quizzes are coming the Fall of 2016

  • And more to come . . . 


Since this is a WebBook, readers will benefit from links to rich media including videos, web pages, articles and more.  In addition, we will slip in updates whenever necessary!


Take a look for yourself with a free Preview Pass.