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In this episode of Brand Matters, Maria Boos talks about what it takes to build a successful customer experience function in an organization, and how that can unlock immense brand value from a customer experience perspective.

What are the components of a successful customer experience strategy? What elements have to be in place first?​

Do you know how to elevate the experience for your customer? Everyone knows how to "create" or "manage" the customer experience. Success comes from ELEVATING the experience so that you leave your competitors behind. There are four keys and this video will teach you what to do:

1) The guest always receives value - they get what they expect even if their expectations are off.

2) The guest is pleasantly surprised - pleasantly surprise as many guests as possible.

3) You effectively manage the guest's emotions - did they leave happier than when they came in?

4) You work together

Customer Experience Management helps Companies to increase: 
- Customer Loyalty
- Sales Performance
- Service Efficiency
- Staff Loyalty

Customers become fans!

Being exceptional matters in today’s marketplace. Differentiated customer engagement strategies not only impact the bottom line, but they create word of mouth and social media buzz, too. Learn inexpensive, easy-to-execute ways to elevate your customer experience.

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