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There are many cruise options, but only one that specializes in Showing Americans The World.


Patriot Cruises has been sailing around the world since 1985, taking guests on life-changing trips on board a fleet of 12 impressive ships, to over 180 destinations. On a Patriot Cruise, you’ll be exposed to new lands, cultures and people in the places you visit. You will always be led by a well-trained, local tour guide.


Patriot Cruises offer amenities such as beverage delivery on demand using your smart phone, High Speed Wi-Fi at sea, Skydiving simulators, a rock-wall, water slides, in-room spa treatments, HD theatres, extraordinary entertainment and more!


Discover why Patriot Cruises has been awarded “Best Cruise Itineraries” the past three years by Recommend Magazine.




Patriot Cruises at a Glance


  • 12 ships across the fleet that serve over 1.8 million passengers yearly.

  • Over 180 destinations across more than 100 countries on 7 continents.

  • Over 120 unique itineraries ranging from one day to 100 days.