How to Do Cause Marketing Right With Influencers

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What Marketers Can Learn From Top Examples of Cause Marketing With Influencers

Influencer marketing has seen rapid expansion in the last few years. It began as a marketing experiment when brands partnered with the biggest social media stars to promote their brands and products, but now it’s a full-fledged industry that’s worth over $1 billion on Instagram alone. The world’s largest and most intrepid brands are using influencer marketing and partnering with major charities to associate themselves with good causes.

With 87% of customers willing to switch from one brand to another based solely on association with a good cause, social and environmental responsibility is a priority for consumers. Marketing and advertising efforts are more effective when brands partner with causes, too — 95% of respondents in a survey of college students said that they were less likely to skip a brand’s ad if it was promoting a partnership with a cause.


Cause marketing with influencers can help brands reach audiences in a personal way by using a powerful message. From incentivizing posts to spreading positive messaging, cause marketing can help brands rise above the noise and leave consumers with a lasting impression. These top examples of cause marketing can help brands and marketers add another layer of impact to their next campaign.

Red Nose Day And M&M’s #MakeMLaugh

Popular fundraising campaign event Red Nose Day is part of Comic Relief UK and is aimed at eliminating childhood poverty. Red Nose Day partnered with M&M’s to execute a large influencer marketing campaign with celebrities and YouTubers. M&M’s donated $750,000 to Red Nose Day, then committed to another dollar (up to $250,000) every time a fan made someone laugh and posted it to social media with the hashtag #MakeMLaugh.

Red Nose Day and M&M’s collaborated with influencers and celebrities like Jack Baran and Olivia Wilde to spread the word about the campaign. Red Nose Day is a very recognizable campaign and by giving fans and users the ability to affect change through a financial contribution with a post, M&M’s saw massive reach and engagement, totaling 269.7 million social media impressions and 2.9 million engagements on content.

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