Finding Influencers to Connect With

The influencer market has been estimated to be worth over $2 billion last year and is likely to reach $10 billion by this year, according to AdWeek. (source)


Shouldn’t you be jumping in on this now?


There is a lot of evidence that Influencer marketing is an incredibly successful form of getting a brand’s message into the people who are likely to buy it. Brands are using influencers more than ever to build awareness, drive visitors to your site, and create content.


Influencers come from every background and industry. Their followers can range from a few thousand to millions. However, one thing they all have in common is their ability to influence others that comes from their social media stardom from the defined audience they have built.


Influencers give the human voice to any brand they promote. It’s a way to create an authentic connection to customers. These power users can help your customers decide on their buying choices.


Not everyone who has a blog, social media account, or is in business is an influencer or is right for your business. The ones you want to work with are trusted resources unique to your field or service or product.


For example, if you want to connect with an influencer on low carb cooking, you’ll want people who are:


  • People with popular low carb cooking Instagram accounts

  • Low carb cooking bloggers who write for major recipe sites or have their own cookbooks

  • Low carb lifestyle experts

  • TV chef personalities

  • Brands that cater to low carb ingredients


Knowing you need to jump in right now is one thing. Knowing how and where to find influencers to connect with is another. This guide will give you what you need to know so you can begin working with influencers right away.


In it, you will learn how to find influencers, the platforms, and the tools that streamline the process. In addition, you’ll find tips for pitching influencers once you find them. There are plenty of examples for ideas as well. You’ll also learn how to build relationships with influencers.

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